Québécois French speakers for short (one hour) voice recording project

We need Québécois French speakers, located in the Seattle area, to participate in a new speech recording project.

Your recordings will be used to improve speech recognition software for millions of other people.


  • Looking for one male and one female Québécois French speaker
  • Record yourself reading 100 prompts from a provided French script
  • Recordings will be done on-site at a local recording studio in Seattle

This job should not take a long time to complete – the actual recording will only take roughly 30 minutes. You will need to be able to travel to the recording studio at the agreed-upon time and date. We will compensate each speaker $100 for their efforts.

If you are a native Québécois French speaker in the Seattle area, and have the availability to work with us on this project, we would love to hear from you! We are looking to complete these recordings as soon as possible.

Please contact Spencer Itzkovics at for further information.